Monkey bars!

Monkey bars!

Julian loves the playground by our house. Here he is swinging from the monkey bars, Mid-March 2013.


We always talk about updating this regularly, but much like everything else in our lives, it’s very difficult to find the time.  I started to get scared though that as time went on, I wouldn’t remember when Julian started to make his transition to toddlerhood and that a lot of those “moments” would be lost to my lack of brain.

It seems like in such a brief time Julian has really become so much less of a baby and so much more of a little kid.  He is learning so many new things and I can’t believe how many words he can say and how language is becoming something he is good at!  His communication skills have gotten so good…he’s singing full songs, says 3-4 word sentences easily and has identifying things down to a science.  We walked down the stairs at CHOP yesterday and he started counting the stairs without any prompting from us (correctly!).  Mind equals blown!  I mean we do this at home, when we go up the stairs together and when we go down the stairs, I always have him count them…it’s a fun game if you’re a toddler…it is something that always makes him smile.  As we got down the stairs, to coax him to get his coat on we offered him a book to read…he immediately got with the program and got so into the book that he practically missed getting onto the elevator.  I beamed with pride as the woman next to us commented on how completely adorable Julian was and she loved seeing children interested in reading at such a young age.  We do that too at home…some nights Julian is allowed to watch Thomas videos before bed, alternating nights we read him stories which he picks out with Rick at the library.

Today we were getting ready in the morning and Julian is in his bedroom with his trains while Rick and I got dressed.  I tried to slip downstairs to write a check for the daycare, when I hear from the top of the stairs…”where are you mommy”.  NO WAY!  it’s real communication…not just a set of sounds that sound like words but REAL WORDS…i can not only tell what he is saying, these words are filled with thought and meaning!

I came up with a list of most of the things Julian can do at this point…

  • can take off pants and socks and shoes
  • can slide on shoes onto the right feet
  • can sing his ABC’s
  • can count to 20
  • can pull on his pants on his own/can put his legs into each leg by himself
  • can climb onto the couch
  • can run with ease
  • refers to himself as “me”
  • can identify primary and secondary colors
  • can brush his own teeth
  • can dry his own hands
  • can eat well with a spoon/still needs help with a fork
  • can drink out of a tumbler/still uses flat brimmed sippy cup most of the time
  • makes up his own stories when playing with his trains
  • poops albeit not regularly in his potty

time is flying…soon i won’t have much of a baby boy!



We are fairly certain you shouldn’t breathe in while trying to blow dandelions


we’re done sleeping on this page…back in full effect with all things julian as we approach his second year!


Julian is on the move!  I bet you didn’t realize he’s almost a year now and ready to take on the world!  He’s got the first steps down to becoming a terror…I’m not sure we are ready for this!

when a bird poops on you…

luckiest baby ever